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The history of our company dates in 1867, when the Grohmann company was founded in Vrbno in Silesia, where it was engaged in the production of metal goods.


On January 1, 1955 the firm was reorganised and founded the company Lisovny nových hmot in Vrbno pod Pradědem. Gradually it became one of the largest plastic-manufacturer in the former ČSSR – Lisovny nových hmot, in Vrbno Pod Pradědem with seven branch plants.


In 1990 this national enterprise was divided into separate legal entities, and the largest plant, in Vrbno pod Pradědem, became LPH Vrbno pod Pradědem, a state enterprise.


In 1992 the LPH, state enterprise was privatised in the first wave of large-scale privatisation with focused on the production of thermoplastic mouldings using the injection-moulding method and producing injection moulds in own toolshop.


In 2001 the Gardena Manufacturing GmbH (Germany) became 100 % owner of company Lisovny plastických hmot s.r.o. Vrbno Pod Pradědem.


The entire development of the company is realised under Gardena management. The logical continuation was leading in the change of the name onto Advanced Plastics s.r.o. applicable from the date 1.10.2004.


On 20.12.2006 Advanced Plastics s.r.o. company was integrated to concern Husqvarna which became owner of company GARDENA Manufacturing GmbH together with its production plants.


In 2011 the plant changed the company name onto Husqvarna Manufacturing CZ s.r.o.